Angela Lehmann 助理教授
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Angela Lehmann 助理教授 (女,1977年出生)


emerging forms of migration to China 迁移至中国的新兴形式 gender and the new middle class 性别与城市新兴中产阶级


Selected Readings in Sociological Theory; Perspectives on Globalisation



1997 - 2000 Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) University of Canberra, Australia 
2000 - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Sociology) First Class Honours, Australian National University 
2001 - Research Assistant, NCEPH and GPA, Canberra, Australia 
2002 - 2003 - journalist, Scottish News Agency, UK 
2006 - Assistant Project Manager, UNICEF, Sri Lanka 
2004 - 2010 PhD (Sociology), Australian National University 
2004 - 2009 Assistant Lecturer, Sociology, Australian National University 
2008 - Lecturer, Political Science, Australian National University 
2010 - Researcher, Matrix Knowledge Research Consultancy, London, UK 
2011 - 2012 - academic consultant, Charles Sturt University, Australia 
2013 - present - Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Xiamen



2004 - 2010 - postgraduate grant "Traces of Home: Transnational Lives in China"


Current projects: 
- emerging forms of migration to China 
- gender and the new middle class 
- 迁移至中国的新兴形式 
- 性别与城市新兴中产阶级



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Nominated for Jean Martin award for best sociology PhD (National award from The Australian Sociological Association), 2011

International Delegate with Vice Chancellor’s ANU delegation to Shanghai and Beijing. Presentation to Peking University and Fudan University staff and students, November 2008, 2009

Research Poster Finalist. ResearchFest week. Australian National University, April 2009

Selected participant in Research Writing Workshop: Transience and Migration in Asia. Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation. University of Wollongong, NSW, July 2007

College of Arts and Social Sciences Grant to hold postgraduate inter-university urban studies postgraduate workshop , June 2007

Vice-Chancellor’s Travel Grant. For research trip to China and international conference in Malaysia, November 2007

Australian Youth Ambassador for Development with the United Nations. Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 2006

Australian Postgraduate Award / Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Scholarship (3.5 years PhD funding), August 2004 – December 2008


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