Professor Zhenming Chen
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Professor Zhenming Chen


Main Areas of Research

Public Administration, Public Policy, Political Theories, etc.





Attended and studied in Zhongshan Univeristy, Xiamen University, Wuhan University, Jilin University and Renmin University of China. Obtained PHD Degree of Philosophy in Renmin University of China in 1990. Visiting scholar of Harvard University, Connell University, Brigham Young University, Germany School of Public Administration, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Promoted to vice professor in 1991, promoted to professor in 1993. Worked as head of training department of graduate school in Xiamen University, head of department of political science and administration, deputy dean of School of law. Currently holding the position of dean of School of public affairs in Xiamen University, professor, instructor of PHD students, distinguished professor of ‘Changjiang Scholar programme’ of Chinese Ministry of Education. Co-currently holding the posts of dean of School of Marxism of Xiamen University, member of the party committee of Xiamen University, member of academic board, Degree Assess Committee of Xiamen University; Consultant of People Government of Fujian Province, member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council group, member of National Committee of master of Public Administration Education, member of National Public Management Undergraduate Teaching Guidance Committee, member of the 12th assessment group of National Natural Science Foundation. Vice-president of National Administrative Management Science Research Council,executive director of Chinese Public Administration Society, president of System Transformation Research Institution of Xiamen, and members of more than 10 national, provincial and municipal academic research teams; part-time professor or members of academic committee of 4 key research base of Ministry of education of Liberal Arts like the Administrative Management Science Research Center of Zhongshan University. Members of academic committee and editorial board of more than 10 national academic magazines like ‘Researches on Political Science’ and ‘Chinese Administrative Management’.