School Introduction
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The department of Politics , Public administration as well as the Sociology have seen a lone period of history in Xiamen University .

From 1924 to 1926, the department of Politics and Sociology have been established , but ceased after 25 years in 1952 due to the mediate policy of the school.

In the September in 1986, the Politics department was restarted . By the time of November in 2013 , the school of Public affairs was set up , including the department of Politics and Administration from the Law school , the department of Sociology from the Faculty of Humanities and the Population Research Institute from the Economics faculty . On April 6th , 2004 , the anniversary of the founding of the university , the name of the Public Affairs school has been determined and publicized .

    The educational departments and institutions of the School of Public Affairs include the following educational organizations : the Public Management department , the Politics department , the department of Sociology and Social works and the MPA education center . Aside from the institutes above , the research and training organizations are as followings :Population and ecological research institute, institute of psychology, the public service quality research center, social management innovation research center, institute of regional development policy, public policy and government innovation research center, the women/gender studies and training base, institute of political science and public administration, social development research center, government performance management research center, New Zealand research center, the experiment center, community service center.


    The School of Public Affairs has 108 full-time teachers , including 78 Existing staff, 63 full-time teachers and researchers, 19 professors,18 doctoral supervisor , 21 associate professors, and 23 lecturers and teaching assistants ; 56 staff with Doctor degree and 46 young teachers 46 under the age of 45, otherwise 16 adjunct professors . The school has built more provincial team of creative talents, field or teaching team, formed a team with high qualification and sophisticated and energetic teachers.

  • 1 in The department ten thousand plan (the first batch of philosophy and social science talents)

  • 1 as The ministry of education cheung kong scholars distinguished professor

  • 1 in the Four of a batch of national propaganda culture system

  • 2 national social science fund of the judges

  • 1 as the academic degrees committee of the state council public management discipline appraisal group member

  • 2 experts have the state council special allowance

  • 1 Ministry of education of the young teachers award winner

  • 5 in the New century excellent talents to support the ministry of education project

  • 1 In Fujian Minjiang scholar distinguished professor

  • 1 teaching masters in universities in Fujian province award winner

  • 2 inpacesetter project of Fujian province

  • 5 in the New century excellent talents to support plan of Fujian province

  • 4 Fujian province outstanding young experts of social science

  • 3 specialized technical talented persons of Xiamen

  • 3 in the new century excellent talents to support plan of Xiamen University

     The School of Public Administrations has public management, political science, 2 first-level discipline doctoral degrees,2 public administration and sociology post-doctoral mobile stations, the population resources and environment economics(national key disciplines), sociology and public policy (tell) disciplines, such as the 3 level 1 discipline of public administration, political science, sociology three master, master of public administration (MPA), master of social work (MSW) and master of education (Ed·M) , 3 professional master enrollments, administration, sociology, political science and public administration, social work, 4 undergraduate majors (including administrative management specialty is a national characteristics);

    The school of Public Administration is also a place with administrative management, social security, political theory, three key subject in Fujian province, Fujian liberal arts key research base of the centre for public policy and government innovation, public policy teaching team in Fujian province, Fujian province public administration and public policy of graduate student education innovation base, 985 project of Xiamen university first-class discipline platform base - public management discipline construction, Xiamen university three periods of 211 project key discipline construction project of public policy and government governance innovation platform, Xiamen university innovation team, one of the public policy and government governance research innovation team, etc.

     Nevertheless the School of Public Administration was initiated by the national MPA degree in our certification and it is also one of the first pilot unit . In a new round of the national assessment of the ministry of education, we got the top 10 public management discipline.


     The school of public affairs has achieved fruitful results in research. Over the past decade, more than 40 projects gotsupports from Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Sciences Fund(with several major projects), completedabout 60 general and major projects for Humanities and Social Sciences research of Ministry of Education, around 170 ministerial projects and more than 230 latitudinal projects.

    Our teachers were rewarded about 60 awards for research and published “Public Affairs Xiamen University Library””Xiamen University MPA Series””Public Policy and Administration Series””Public Administration and PublicService series””Public Administration and Politics Series””Public Administration Academic Frontier Series””Sociology and Social work Series”,etc.Around 200 monographs and textbooks and more than 1,000 academic papers have been published, among which about 500on CSSCI, 250 on first-class core journals ,10 were reproducedby Xinhua Digest and more than 40 on SCISSCIEIAHCI.We also provided some central departments, local governments and enterprise and public institutions with 260 researchreports. Numerous reform and policy proposals were adopted and applied, resulting in positive social influence.

    Several characteristic courses and preponderant research areas including public administration theorypublic policy analysisgovernment reform and governmentpublic service andperformance managementtheory of statenew political economicspolitical sociologyrural sociologypopulation sociologywomen’s studies have been set up.

    About 2,000 students are studying in school of public affairs(the ration of undergraduate and graduate students is1:1.6). Adhering to the concept of “for societyfor future, cultivate top-class,high-quality and compound talents ”,we devote ourselves into construction of a advanced environmentfor students’development.

    Our staff vigorously and comprehensively promote the innovation of the pattern of the talents training and the quality of the talents training. We form a curriculum system of public platform coursesgeneral electivesspecializedcoursesmethodology courses and application courses through implementing “enrollment and training of students in large category”. Policy Sciences and other 6 curriculumswere awarded high-quality curriculum at national, provincial and school level, 9 curriculums were selected as provincial and school-level high-quality master's degree curriculum and15 achievements won prizes of excellent teaching results at provincial and school level.10 years on, our students published and publicized 337 academic papers on CSSCI, andwon a top award, 4 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 3 thirdPrizes on “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate curricular academic science and technology works. Besides, 15 programs were selected by “The National Undergraduate Innovative Test Program”.

We achieved a lot at students social practices, volunteer activities, recreational and sports activities and some other wonderful activities,and awarded “9th China youth volunteer award”Fujian Province ”group of voluntary service””top ten of voluntaryservice for children of migrant workers”,”Excellent example of caring children of migrant workers”. It's worth mentioningthat “practice team of Love in Wumeng” was selected as the only group candidate by CCTV “moved China” and awarded “10figures moved Fujian in 2012”. From 2003 to 2013, our students won national championship for 8 times and second place for 7 times. Additionally, the woman basketball team won sixthstraight championship tittle in school league, the man basketball team and man football team also retained championship for several times.By successfully holding top ten singers competition for 10 times, we get a brand effect within the university.Because of solid professional knowledge and good overall quality, our graduates has become a competitive group in theemployment market, being extremely popular with employers.


The International Academic Exchanges


School of Public Affairs vigorously promotes the international development strategy and expands international academic exchanges.What’s more, It explores a regular academic exchange and cooperation mechanism with foreign schools and research institutions in order to enhance the effectiveness and level of international academic exchanges.Nowadays it has built collaborative relationship with more than 50 colleges and universities including Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S., UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and so on.It carries out substantial cooperation with relevant departments in some universities, especially Moscow State University of Russia, School of Administration of Germany, University of Southampton of UK, Newcastle University, Brigham Young University ofU.S., University of Delaware, New Jersey State University, University of Western Ontario of Canada, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, etc.

    Over the past decade, there are more than 20 teachers sent to study abroad sponsored by the State Foundation for Studying Abroad, more than 70 teachers participating in short-term foreign visit, and nearly 200 students joining exchanging projects offered by college or school.In the meantime, School of Public Affairs is dedicated to promoting education for international students. It enrolled four foreign doctors of National New Sinology Plan in 2013. It has received more than 500 foreign specialists, and invited many foreign scholars to have lectures. Moreover, it often holds Public Affairs Forum, which is popular with teachers and students.


Social services


    School of Public Affairs is actively devoted to social services.Teachers and students provide advice for economic and social development of nation and region through various project researches and advisory activities, whichgive full play to our discipline characteristic and academic expertise. For decades, it has undertaken about 200 project plans of national and regional governments, and submitted nearly 200 research and consulting reports.

    It plays a significant role of Think Tank through taking part in major reform projects and policy design of government.School of Public Affairs is national women's study institution co-units and Fujian province civil servant training base.It cultivates modern leaders and managers for national and local government by MPA education and civil servant training.It has enrolled a total of more than two thousand professional Master of Public Management, and nearly 1500 students have graduated since 2003. In addition, it has cultivated thousands of party and government organs of civil servants and enterprise or business unit managers.