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SPA has two first-tier doctoral programs in public administration and political science, three post-doctoral mobile stations in public administration, political science and sociology, three second-tier doctoral programs in population, natural resources and environmental economics (awarded the National Key Discipline), sociology and public policy, three first-tier master’s programs in public administration, political science and sociology plus MPA(Master of Public Administration), MSW(Master of Social Work) and Ed.M(Master of Education), and four bachelor’s programs in public administration(awarded the National Distinctive Discipline), political science and administrative science, sociology and social work. The school has three Provincial Key Disciplines (public administration, social security and political theory), a Provincial Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science (Center for Public Policy and Government Innovation), a Provincial Teaching Team of Public Policy, a Provincial Innovation Base of Postgraduate Education in Public Administration and Public Policy, a First-Tier Discipline Platform of Xiamen University “985 Project”(Public Administration Subproject), a key subproject of the Third-Phrase Xiamen University “211 Project”(Innovative Research Platform of Public Policy and Governance), and one of the first batch of Innovative Research Teams of Xiamen University(Innovative Research Team of Public Policy and Governance). The School is one of the units for initiating MPA certification as well as one of the MPA pilot units. In the latest round of nationwide disciplinary assessment conducted by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the School’s public administration ranks among the top ten.