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SPA has made many research achievements. In the past decade, our faculty have undertaken over 40 research projects funded by the Fund of National Natural Science and the Fund of National Social Science (some of them are listed as key programs or major programs), and over 60 research projects of humanities and sciences supported by Chinese Ministry of Education, over 170 ministerial or provincial research projects and over 230 other research projects. Besides, the faculty have won over 60 research awards at or above provincial level. The School has published series of monographs or translated books, including “Xiamen University Public Affairs Series”, “Xiamen University MPA Textbook Series”, “Public Policy and Management Series”, “Public Administration and Public Service Series”, “Public Administration and Political Science Series”, “Public Administration Frontier Collection”, “Sociology and Social Work Collection”. The faculty have published nearly 200 monographs or textbooks, over 1000 academic papers, nearly 500 of which have been published in CSSCI, and 250 in first-tier journals. 10 papers have been reprinted by Xinhua Digest in full-text and over 40 have been published in SCISSCIEIAHCI journals. 260 research reports have been submitted to the central government, local governments, enterprises and institutions, and have gained much reputation as many policy proposals have been adopted by government sectors.

SPA has many distinctive and leading research areas, including public administration theory, public policy analysis, government reform and governance, public service and performance management, theory of the state, new political economy, political sociology, rural sociology, sociology of population and women’s studies.