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Currently, SPA has nearly 2000 undergraduates and postgraduates(the ratio of undergraduates and postgraduates is 1:1.6).The School prepares students for the society and the future with practical and diverse skills and competence.

SPA promotes training model innovation to improve its education quality through providing students with public platform courses, disciplinary courses, professional courses, methodology courses and applied courses. Seven courses including “Policy Science” are ranked as Excellent Courses at national, provincial or collegiate levels, nine courses are selected as High-quality Master’s Courses at provincial or collegiate levels, and 15 projects have won Outstanding Teaching Award at provincial or collegiate levels. In the past decade, students have published 337 papers in CSSCI journals. Students have displayed their competence in “National Challenge Cup Competition” and won special prize once, first prize four times, second prize twice and third prize three times. 15 projects have been selected into “National Plan for University Students’ Creative Experiment”.

SPA has achieved good reputation in many aspects, including social practice, volunteer activities as well as arts and sports. Our students have won “the Ninth Chinese Young Volunteers Award of Excellence”, “Fujian Outstanding Volunteer Service Group Award”, “Top 10 in Voluntary Service for Children of Migrant Workers”, “Outstanding Case of Caring for Children of Migrant Workers”, among others. In particular, the team named “Love in Wumeng” with 55 students from SPA was selected as the only collective candidate of CCTV “Touching China” and “Top 10 Events Touching Fujian in the year 2012”. Between 2003 and 2013, our students have won national championships for eight times, second prize seven times, our women's basketball team has won six consecutive collegiate championships while our men’s basketball team and men’s soccer team have also won several collegiate championships. SPA has successfully hosted Top 10 Singers Contest ten times, which earns collegiate fame.

Knowledgeable and well-qualified, our graduates impress employers with their competence in the job market.