Social Service
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SPA is actively engaged in social service. By bringing the specialty and expertise of its faculty into full play, and through research projects and consultations, it has made contributions to the national and local economic development, especially that of Economic Zone on the West Coast of Taiwan Strait. In the past decade, SPA has carried out nearly 200 research projects for the central government and local governments, and submitted over 200 research and consulting reports. As researchers and consultants for major government reform projects and policy design, the School serves well as a think tank for the government. SPA collaborates with Chinese Women’s Research Society and is a civil servant training base in Fujian Province. Through the MPA program and various training programs for civil servants, the School is committed to training modern national and local public administrators. In the past decade, we have enrolled more than 2000 MPA students, of whom 1500 have graduated. Nearly ten thousand civil servants, administrators and managers have been trained through short-term training programs.