Visit by the “Social Medicine and Health Service Management ” team to Haicang distinct, Xiamen
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On the afternoon of July 6th , 2016,a social medicine and health service management practice research team under the leadership of professor Wang Dewen, investigated the Health Supervision Institute in Haicang distinct, Xiamen

The Health Supervision Institute was established in February,2004,and is the subordinate unit of the Health Authority. The main duty of the institute is to accept the commitment of ministry and enforce the Health Supervision task.

Workers of the Health Supervision Institute welcomed the students of the research team warmly.During the visit, they introduced the fundamental duties of each office, problems that legislating is lagging behind the situation, duties overlap, and there is a short of professional people and funds. Further more, they gave many cases and experiences of health supervision.

Wang Dewen introduced the latest trends and development of the Health area According to her teaching and researching experiences, and pointed out that its important to  apply the research of Social medicine and health service management to practice. Moreover, she suggested that integrating theory with practice are essential in order to promote the development of the theory and practice.

During the course of the investigation, the health institute  workers and students had a discussion about the enforcement problems. Obviously, students had a deep impression and learnt more about their major. At last, they conveyed their respect to the workers of Health Supervision Institute.