China Population Association 2016 Annual Meeting in Xiamen
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China Population Association 2016 Annual Meeting was held on July21,22, it was sponsored by the China Population Association with the help of the department of the Sociology and Social Work and the Institute of Population of Xiamen University.The meeting’s theme was New situation, New challenge, New chance. The eighth members of China Population Association and the provincial leaders of the Population Association were invited to join the conference,and over 500 experts and scholars from all over China were attracted to the meeting, some came from HongKong and Taiwan.


On the morning of 21th,July, Yuan Shiwei, the Executive Vice President of Fujian Family Planning Association and deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Zhan Xinli, vice-president of Xiamen University extended a warm welcome and gratitude to the participants who strongly believe in and support Xiamen University. Moreover, she conveyed the wish that there would be a compete success of this conference. Professor Zhai Zhenwu, the Minister of the China Population Association pointed that population transfer and the policy-making of birth control are very unique and bring the opportunities of the theory innovation and the academic innovation. As for the important area of promoting the development of the population. Population Association provided the wonderful platform for academic communication and achievement exhibition.

Wang Pei-an, the deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commision(NPFPC), put forward three demands for participants on behalf of the NPFPCshe hoped that experts and scholars would implement the important speech spirit of Xi Jinping and the demands of national relative files, pay attention to the current and future trends of population development, and study the important issues of Chinese population development. Then, Yuan Xin, Gao Xiangdong,Yu Xiao, Zhai Zhenwu, Zhang Mincai, Zhu Yu, Yang Xueyan, Yang Wenzhuang, Ye Wenzhen and Zhou Hao each gave speeches about balanced population growth, family planning policy, population mobility and the aging problems. The speeches attracted so much attention from the audience.


At the meeting, participants were separated into the different groups according to 11 themes the population and the economy,the population and the society,the population and the health, two child policy and the social support,the aging of population,population migration and urbanization,family development and public policy,social gender equity and sex ratios at birth,national population and national defense population,the service management of family planning,the methods of population analysis and others. During the meeting, participants in each themes joined in the discussion so that the atmosphere was very enthusiastic and active.



  The closing ceremony was held on the afternoon of July 22. Different groups gave their presentations depending on their discussions. Finally, professor Zhai Zhenwu who is the minister of the China Population Association and Jiang Weiping who is the secretary general and vice chairman of the China Population Association and director of the NPFPC each gave a concluding speech.The meeting was very exciting and a great success!