Visit by Toulouse University in 2015
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Visit by Toulouse   University (Tentative)

June 2, 2015


1.Laurent Grosclaude: Vice-President of Toulouse Univ in charge for the International cooperation, Prof. in Law at UT1C

2.Sovan Lek, Chief officer for the cooperation with Asia at Toulouse University, Prof. of Ecology/Statistics at UT3

3.Jean-Michel EYMERI-DOUZANS, Prof. UT1C, vice-Director of Sciences Po Toulouse in charge international cooperation

4.Jean-Marc Broto, dean of Faculty of Sciences & Engineer (FSI) and Prof. of Physics - UPS-UT3

5.Wang Xiaokaing, representative of UT in China;


June 2

9.15Pick-up from Keli Hotel

by Ms. Huang Chen (Mobile: 86-13696920750) from International Office

9.30-10.30Meeting with schools for the discussion of future cooperation


Group 3: Prof. Jean-Michel EYMERI-DOUZANS

Visit to the School of Public Affairs

Venue: Café, School of Public Affairs

Participants from XMU: Prof. Wang Weiguang and Prof. Xia Lu



10.30-11.00Return to the meeting room 205 of Jiageng Main Building

(if time allows, visit to the top of the Main Building for a bird view of the campus)

11.00-11:30Meeting with Prof. Wu Daguang, Vice-President of XMU

Venue: Room 205, Jiageng Main Building

Participants from XMU:

Prof. Wu Daguang, Vice-President for International Relations

Prof. Zhu Yansheng, Deputy Dean, Law School

Prof. Hu Rong, Deputy Dean, School of Public Affairs’

Prof. Huang Lingfeng, Director, Department of Ecology

Prof. Cai Shun, Deputy Director, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

Cathy Huang, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange


12:00Lunch hosted by Prof. WU Daguang, Vice-President for International Relations