The welcome for the 2016th undergraduate students to the School of Public Affairs worked smoothly
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Freshmen at Xiamen University reported at August 24-25. University party secretary Zhang Yan, deputy party secretary Lin Dongwei and other school leaders came to the orientation point of the School of Public Affairs. They had a cordial communication with our volunteers, students and their parents, as well as, participated in some interesting welcome activities about university history, conditions and rules.The Party secretary, Liu Tao, and Deputy Secretary, Lin Shengquan, were presented concerning about the situation.

Welcome work was earlier than the new students

Based on summarizing the experience of the 2015 year, School party leadership attached great importance to the welcome work this year. Secretary Liu Tao put the welcome work as a major and good work. Before the summer holiday, the students working group hadarranged the work plan in advance. The volunteers for welcoming freshmen had communicated with them during the holidays in advance and checked their new dormitory inspection equipment. The ready work was very carefully.

School welcomed freshmen through the Yiban online network platform, publicity Center of WeChat micro-blog platform and QQ media. It also launched the “welcome” project involving university learning, campus life and psychological adjustment. Welcome work was earlier than the new students

The freshmen was registering

Teachers and students had gathered to orientation for the distribution of materials, guidance to registration and assist in handling their luggage. Everything was in good order and well arranged. During those days, the school leaders, the class teachers, counselors, teaching secretaries, student leaders and student party members sacrificed their holiday time and overcame the hot weather to devote all efforts to work. The volunteers won the praise of the students and parents with their warm, thoughtful, meticulous and serious working attitude.

The study and education of Two Learn, One Do was based on learning and the key was to do. Combining the Two Learn, One Do study and education activities, they set up a welcome vanguard party post. In those days, student party members played a fearless and tired spirit to provide services for parents and students, as well as, answered any questions. Through the vanguard of student party members to take the leading model so that students understand the party organization.

Admission educationkept up with freshmen

School student group insisted that students receive admission notice from the beginning of admission education. Before freshmen come to register, they had been educated by various multimedia. On the orientation day, Yiban workstation carried out some interesting questions about“university history, conditions and rules” as the entrance education. A series of school education had been carried outafter freshmen reported.

In the evening of August 24th, an exchanging meeting of 2016th undergraduate students and parents held in the 324 of Cheng Zhi building. Party committee deputy secretary of the school, Lin Shengquan, welcomed the parents. School leaders, teachers, counselors transferred the school's educational philosophy through the exchange with them. In addition, on the evening of 25th, school staff and class teachers went to the freshmen dormitory. Deputy Secretary Lin Shengquan welcomed new students on behalf of the school. Through the visits, they timely understood the situation of students and the questions they concerned about.

This year, the School of Public Affairs has a total of 145 undergraduate students of which 32 boys and 113 girls. Then, school work group would carry out freshmen education including university learning, life adaptation, mental health, safety education and school rules. During August 27th to September 9th, freshmen would participate in military training for a half month.